In this section, you will find all links to possible free stuff you can get online such as coupon codes, free product samples, download links(free ebooks, movies, games, software, etc).

Basically, I will post anything that I can find all for free.

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Thank you so much and have a nice day!

Free 600 php HotelQuickly Credit!

  1. Download the HotelQuickly App available on iStore and Playstore
  2. Under Credits, tap on the Redeem button and enter the code below:


Free Product Samples:

Sample Room
Sample Room is a Philippine based website that offers free local sampling of products. Samples are free but you will just pay for the shipping fee. You are given a 100 points when you register and you will use those points to redeem a sample of your choice with a corresponding point. Then, you will review the sample you’ve got after a week or two and your points consumed for that sample will be refunded plus another 1 point for the review made.

Coupon Codes:




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