Donate Your Hair Today – Cuts Against Cancer



I donated my hair last 2014 and I am so happy to donate my locks. It’s really a heartwarming feeling to be able to help. 

About Donate Your Hair
Ran Fridman Founder & Director of Donate Your Hair Today, his both grand parents died from cancer and his mother is breast cancer survivor, that is one of the main reason why he started Donate Your Hair Today project to donate high quality medical wigs for kids and woman with cancer who passed chemotherapy and lose their hair. You can help as well by donating your hair in order for us to continue making and donating medical wigs.

Please click the image/link below for the hair donation requirements:

How you can help?

  • Make a Hair Donation
  • Plan an Event “Cuts Against Cancer” to benefit Donate Your Hair Today
  • Register as a Participating Salon
  • Be a Volunteer Partner in your place

(for further info, visit

  • Financial Contribution 

A.    INTERNET – Visit

B.    PAYPAL –

C.    MAIL –  Send your gift in the form of CHECK or POSTAL MONEY ORDER to:                                                        

Cuts AGAINST Cancer 

Attn: Ran Fridman

5330 S. Harper Ave # 707

Chicago, IL 60615 


D. Questions and other info, email us at:


**All info here were from Donate Your Hair website –

13 thoughts on “Donate Your Hair Today – Cuts Against Cancer

  1. Hi, I would like to send my daughter’s hair donation. Can you please confirm if the address above is still accepting donations?


  2. hi, my hair is about 15 inches or a bit longer, but it has a bit of gray in it, (I’ve had gray in my hair since I was 17) will you still accept it?


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