Living in the Moment

In this highly developed world dominated by advance technology and social media, I highly appreciate and love:

1. deep meaningful face to face conversations

2. making eye to eye contact when having a conversation

3. gratitude expressed personally without the need for it to be posted in social media

4. genuine smiles instead of emojis

5. personal happy birthday greetings and just the thought of us actually remembering by heart someone’s birthday without you being reminded by Facebook

6. people who actually solve their problems and not posting it on the internet

7. those doing charitable services in secret. Let Him know, rather than letting them all know.

8. spontaneous off the grid adventures

9. sunset walks by the beach

10. going to concerts without having to constantly pull out our phones and take pictures.. can we just be in the moment?

11. driving somewhere to a place we haven’t been to with our fave people

12. handwritten letters

13. campfires and endless songs

14. laughing to our heart’s content

15. meeting someone for coffee and chatting for hours

16. reconnecting with friends over brunch perhaps

17. going on group dates instead of group chats

18. having random conversations with a stranger

19. visiting a place you’ve never been to and eat like a local

20. and basically just living in the moment.

Can we just unplug for a bit? Cherish the little things… notice the things around us without technology for just a bit. Trust me, you will realize that there are a lot of beautiful things around us that actually exist but left unnoticed because we are so wired with technology and social media that we forget to look up and live in the moment.

– Nessie Marie Honculada

One thought on “Living in the Moment

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    Keep up the good work!

    Best Regards,


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