Elevator Etiquette for Dummies | MissNessieMarie


At work, our office is located on the 11th floor and obviously, the most convenient way is to take the lift.

One day after work, having the usual routine, I wasn’t expecting that my patience will be tested. People squeeze themselves in and I thought they’d behave but I was wrong.

A list of do’s and don’ts when inside the elevator is clearly propped on the wall for people to see. The thing is, these people around me were all professionals and they are working for a reputable company(ies) yet it is as if they have not read it or least, they don’t care at all. They were conversing so loud as if there weren’t others inside the elevator with them. Others are also making this annoying body movements/gestures while they are speaking considering the teeny tiny space between bodies of people pretending to have this i-don’t-give-a-f*ck expression but I can sense it that those people are speeding up, waiting for their patience-o-meter to explode. Mind you, we are squeezed in, let alone those people with issues on their personal space. Let’s just say that, if they just converse like that, laughing too loud, they are free to do that if they are just the ones inside, so as not to disturb other people. I don’t want this to sound like a rant but I can’t help it! It made me so uncomfortable.

I’ve enumerated things to do and not to do when inside the elevator:

1. Be courteous

  • pressing the buttons for other people if it’s within your reach
  • saying ‘please’ when requesting other people to press the button for your floor
  • don’t forget to say ‘thank you’
  • say ‘excuse me’ every time to exit the life especially if you are at the back
  • make way and room for the elderly and PWDs

elevator-358249_640 (1)

2. Respect other people

  • no horseplaying
  • do not talk loudly as if you are talking to the person 50 yards away from you
  • do not take advantage of the space to maliciously touch or grope other people’s body; for short, do not be a pervert for goodness sake!


3. Be considerate

  • if you are ill, cover your mouth and don’t talk or laugh because diseases and viruses are easily transmitted in an enclosed space; cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing
  • if your destination is just one floor up or down, better take the stairs to give space to other people; give those legs a workout!
  • move if there’s still a lot of space
  • exit with haste


There it is! I hope this serves as a friendly reminder. There’s no harm in keeping yourself put and quiet for maybe about 3 or 5 mins of the whole ride. Respect and courtesy inside the elevator is needed and very much appreciated. So the next time you take the lift, consider those things above. Don’t think only about yourself, think of others too. Thank you for taking time to read this post.


And oh! one more thing, if you feel like you are about to fart, if possible, HOLD IT IN. If you can’t, well just prepare for the worse and hope it is the silent one. =)

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