How To: De-Tube Your Lipstick

How To: De-Tube Your Lipstick

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time since my last post. Anyways, I wanna share something for all the lipstick junkies out there. We all know that for every lipstick we own always ends up almost at the bottom of the tube especially if it is our favorite one and when it gets there, we usually don’t bother to use it anymore. Another thing is that when lipsticks start to melt or when they are broken, trying to fix them up tends to be very messy. So, I’ve got a simple solution. De-tubing those lipstick bullets! Yes, you might have heard of eyeshadow de-potting. We also have de-tubing for lipsticks.

To start off, you need a small container like the picture below. Make sure it is clean. You may find the same at your local thrift or dollar shop. It usually comes with a tiny spatula. If you do’t have this cutie spatula then you may use a popsicle stick. How To: De-Tube Your Lipstick.

Then, prepare your lipstick that you want to de-tube. Mine happens to be my NYX Lipstick in IRIS. It melted a bit and was broken, so I decided to end up her agony and de-tube her. Hehehehehe!

How To: De-Tube Your Lipstick

Okay, so you will be using the tiny spatula to get the lipstick bullet out of its tube and place it inside the container. Just be careful not to drop it. To be safe, lay a piece of paper towel under the container.PhotoGrid_1407595331893

Don’t forget to get it all out especially at the bottom part of the tube and begin spreading it evenly with the spatula as seen below.

. How To: De-Tube Your Lipstick

Finally, cover the container with the lid and now you are ready to slip it back into your makeup bag. You may also do this with your lip glosses, lip stains, and lip balms. How To: De-Tube Your Lipstick

I hope you guys find this post helpful. Thanks and stay beautiful!

3 thoughts on “How To: De-Tube Your Lipstick

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  2. My lipstick got broken but I haven’t put it in a tube yet. You don’t like to melt it sis? Hmmm this makes me want to mix my lipstick in one tube and create another lovely color.


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