Review: MAC Lipstick in Twig

Hello dearies!

I recently bought my first two MAC Lipsticks last month, Girl About Town and Twig. The one I am currently loving and always ending up in my makeup bag or in my purse is the shade Twig. It has this amazing yet subtle muted brownish pink shade which I love as I am a very big fan of neutrals. I wear this almost everyday which obviously is my go-to lipstick as of the moment.

MAC Lipstick in Twig Satin Finish

I am loving MAC lipsticks because of the texture, quality, and the scent.

For the texture, it is in Satin finish which is neither drying nor too shiny. It applies evenly and smoothly on my lips but I recommend scrubbing your lips first with honey and brown sugar before applying lipstick as it can help a lot especially if you want your lips not to appear dry and flaky. You don’t need to buy expensive lip scrubs; just honey and brown sugar will do.

We all know that MAC lipsticks are of top quality and I agree with that. With the quality, we are not only talking about the pigmentation but also how it reacts to our lips also the ingredients present. I myself have a very sensitive lips. There was once I tried this lipstick for another brand and after that I get this reaction wherein my lips just feels so itchy and it became red and tiny blisters are slowly forming. What I did was put Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly all over my lips for days and fortunately it all went back to normal. That is why I am really careful on products that I apply on my lips. It is better to make sure than to be sorry in the end right? Anyway, about the staying power, it lasted for about 6 hours on my lips which is okay considering the satin finish it has.

And oh! The scent. Yes, MAC lipsticks are without a doubt has this great vanilla-like scent to it which I love (vanilla is my fave scent just in case you are wondering).

Below is a swatch of MAC Twig on my lips.

MAC Lipstick in Twig Satin Finish Swatch

That is just one swipe of the lipstick and I think that it has a great color payoff. Let me know in the comments below on what shades are your top picks from MAC. Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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